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sydney maynard

I have been using Mitavite Asia feeds and supplements for many years which has kept my horses in top condition and allowed them to perform at their very best.

I believe what goes in shines on the outside.


Ahmad Imtaz


Ong Wan Ming

I started riding at 9 and many years later, horses are still my passion and my career.

Managing an equestrian centre, riding, coaching and judging dressage takes up most of my time… Mitavite Asia has supported me for many years and their feeds have been perfect for my horses, during competition and in the off season.

I try to balance my passion for horses by being a crazy cat lady, going to the gym, eating and travelling!


I started riding at the age of 11 and started competing at the age of 14. Since then, ive been using Mitavite Asia feeds and supplements for my horse. Mitavite Asia helps me to maintain my horses’ performance during competitions and in the off season. My horse is beautiful, healthy, shiny and happy! I recommend Mitavite Asia to everyone. Their product has truly changed my horses’ life. Im delighted to be able to become a part of Mitavite Asia team


Nabil Ismail

Nabil Ismail